What are you rebelling against?

Rebellious Living is a program designed to give you the tools to rebel against your default future -- the inevitable destination of your autopilot, your unconscious core-beliefs, and all the unhealed wounds and unmet needs you're walking around pretending don't exist.

Rebellious Living will teach you how to rebel against a society that doesn't want to acknowledge that we are all wounded and that we all have needs. This rebellion isn't just a declaration that those needs or wounds exist - it's a way to actually heal those wounds and a way to have legitimate needs met in legitimate ways.


We stand for personal responsibility as a rebellion against a self-perception of weaknesses or unworthiness. Rebellion of this kind is not just a worthy cause but a recipe for an intentional, authentic way of living.


Rebellious Living is all about rebellion from the everyday stuff we do that holds us back from fully being ourselves and living into our potential. When we remove obstacles such as approval seeking, relationship drama, fear of failure (and fear of success), "broken-record" thinking, etc, we become free to live into our true potential. In today's political climate, it has become all the more apparent that what we need is personal growth within ourselves, allowing us the ability to remain compassionate, patient, and kind both with ourselves and others, even in the face of disagreement and conflict.

If you are ready to join us or have some questions...​​

We'll meet every week, 4 sessions a month total:

Biweekly small group session

Biweekly coaching session

6 months

$160 per month 



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