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Rebel Cats 
Pet & Rescue Resources

As mental health therapist, a devoted guardian to my own resident cats, and an enthusiastic part-time cat rescuer, I understand the profound bond between humans and their animal companions. Beyond providing us with cuddles and endless entertainment, pets hold the power to heal and transform lives in extraordinary ways. 

Research indicates that having pets, like dogs and cats, can bring joy and numerous mental health benefits. These furry companions can reduce stress, boost happiness, alleviate anxiety and depression, promote social interactions, and provide a sense of purpose. Welcoming a pet into your life can be a heartwarming and uplifting way to enhance your mental well-being. 


Nonetheless, it is essential to approach pet ownership with thoughtful consideration, taking into account your capacity to provide the necessary care and attention. In situations where having a pet of your own may not be feasible, fostering, volunteering, and visiting a cat cafe (yes, Houston has one!) are alternative ways to engage with animals and reap many of the same remarkable benefits. 

In a world where each meow carries a story, "Rebel Cats" was born out of a deep-seated desire to make a difference. Here, I share some of the resources dedicated to the welfare, advocacy, and rescue of our beloved feline friends, canines, and wildlife. My mission is this: to create a harmonious harmony between the well-being of cats and the well-being of the human soul. 

El Gato Coffeehouse is a unique Houston establishment that provides a welcoming environment for patrons to enjoy coffee and snacks while also offering the opportunity to interact with (and potentially adopt) rescue cats. This innovative concept not only promotes coffee culture but also supports cat rescue and adoption efforts, creating a win-win situation for both cat lovers and feline companions in need of forever homes. You can visit the coffeehouse as a guest or apply to volunteer there!

Gray Cat Under Coffee Table
Dog Shelter

Friends For Life in Houston is a nonprofit animal shelter and rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and at-risk animals, particularly cats and dogs. They focus on animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, aiming to find loving and permanent homes for their rescued animals. Friends For Life also offers various community programs and initiatives, including spay/neuter services and educational outreach, to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the homeless pet population in the Houston area. Their mission is to create a more compassionate and humane community for both animals and people. You can visit their shelter or Petsmart Cattery to spend some time with the kitties or volunteer in several capacities for their organization.

H.O.P.E. (Homeless and Orphaned Pet Endeavor) in Houston is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and providing care for homeless and orphaned pets, primarily cats and dogs. Their mission involves sheltering, fostering, and ultimately finding loving forever homes for these animals. H.O.P.E. is committed to reducing pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering initiatives and educating the community about responsible pet ownership. They work tirelessly to improve the lives of both pets and their human companions, striving to create a more compassionate and pet-friendly environment in Houston. You can volunteer with, donate to, and adopt from H.O.P.E.!

Cats and Humans
Cats and Humans

TNR, or Trap-Neuter-Return, is a humane and effective method for managing feral cat populations. In TNR programs, feral cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and then returned to their original locations. This approach helps stabilize the population by preventing further reproduction while allowing the cats to live out their lives in their familiar habitats, where they are often cared for by community volunteers who provide food and shelter. TNR is considered a compassionate and sustainable way to address feral cat overpopulation while also improving the cats' overall welfare. Several organizations in the Houston area offer help to community members who want to participate in TNR.


The Houston Humane Society Wildlife Center and Texas Wildlife Center both serve as vital resources for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured wildlife. These centers provide specialized care and medical attention to found injured animals, with the primary goal of returning them to their natural habitats once they have recovered. They play a crucial role in the community by responding to calls from concerned individuals who have come across injured or orphaned wildlife, ensuring that these creatures receive the necessary treatment and support for their survival. Additionally, these centers often engage in educational outreach to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and promote coexistence between humans and the local wildlife population. Visit the provided links for super important information if you find an abandoned baby or injured animal. You can also donate to their cause or volunteer to help care for critters in need!

Rebellious Wellness Therapy
Rebellious Wellness Therapy
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