Online Therapy


Depending on your needs and the appropriateness of fit, video, phone, or writing sessions may be used to complement in-house sessions or as your primary source of therapy. Click here for rate/fee information.

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How it Works...

Writing therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the act of writing and processing the written word in order to assist with therapeutic goals, such as improving awareness and regulation of your inner state of mind as well as improving communication skill within your relationships. You may choose to share your very deepest thoughts and feelings about various things, whether it be a traumatic experience, an extremely important emotional issue that has affected you and your life, or more everyday issues impacting your mood and functioning. Therapeutic writing may most benefit you when you really let go and explore your deepest emotions and thoughts. You might tie your topic to your relationships with others, including parents, lovers, friends or relatives; to your past, your present or your future; or to who you have been, who you would like to be or who you are now. You may write about the same general issues or experiences repeatedly or about different topics each time you write. After you send me message (through a secure therapy messenger program) letting me know you're ready to start a writing session, I add a form in your client portal that you can use to securely submit your writing. Then you just send another message through the messenger to let me know it's sent, and I will respond within 48 hours! 

Who Can use Online Therapy?

Online therapy provides an ease of access and convenience as well as, for some, an increased comfort in disclosing sensitive personal information. Online options can also keep you involved in your therapy even when you have to travel or have issues with scheduling or transportation.


However, online therapy is not appropriate for all situations. In-house therapy may be required under the following circumstances:

  • If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else or having psychotic symptoms.

  • If you are in a violent relationship.

  • If you are severely depressed.

  • If you have serious substance abuse dependence.



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