"Not all those who wander are lost..."

Understanding some of the basic aspects of personality can help you understand how and why you operate the way you do. It can also help you understand how others operate, preventing some of the inevitable miscommunication and misunderstanding that occurs within any type of relationship.

Identity exploration is a life-long adventure. Those who seek to know themselves well are less likely to fall prey to unconscious conditioning and biologically ingrained psychological patterns that, when left entirely unchecked, contribute to a lot of the pain and suffering we human beings create. Self-discovery isn't just some selfish hobby - a strong capacity to self-reflect and attend to our mental processes predicts better relationships and improved parenting abilities, offers us a greater sense of security and confidence, and helps repair the emotional woundings we all collect in childhood.

Using an assessment tool called the "Myers Briggs Type Inventory" as a starting point, we can pinpoint specific aspects of our personality and how this affects how we focus our attention, take in information, make decisions, and relate to the external world.

Where you focus your attention...


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How you take in information...



The way you make decisions...



How you deal with the world...



Want to get a leg-up on the self-discovery process? Ask about the MBTI - Myers Briggs Type Inventory!


"The MBTI assessment was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs, who spent years observing people. They created the assessment based on the personality type theory proposed by psychologist Carl Jung.


Their goal was to help people understand how natural, healthy differences in the way people take in information and come to conclusions lead so clearly to the different ways people act and react, make life choices, relate to others, and make sense of the world. These insights help explain why different people are interested in different things, prefer various kinds of work, and sometimes and it hard to understand each other. The MBTI assessment is now used by organizations and individuals around the world to improve their interactions and to promote effectiveness in their work and personal lives." (www.cpp.com) 

Why Take the MBTI?

The results of the MBTI can be used for enhancing your therapy work, relationship improvement, assisting in your self understanding, career development/

exploration, choosing a college major, team building, conflict and stress management, and problem solving. 

There's plenty of free versions of the test online, but they can't provide you the same reliability of results and detailed information the official version can. Plus they don't come with certified MBTI practitioner and mental health therapist to help you understand and utilize the results! 



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