• Sarah Rossmiller LPC

Do You Fidget?

I got this "fidget cube" on Amazon for clients to use in session when they need an anxiety, stress and/or energy outlet. It's like a stress ball but not lame! As a lifelong fidgeter myself, I approve this device! Fidgeter tested, fidgeter approved, Haha. I sat at dinner with a friend tonight and went to town on it. It actually helped me focus on the conversation rather than distracted from it. Normally I find it hard to resist distractions in a bustling restaurant but this thing in my hands seemed to pull my extra energy and nervousness from the stimulation around me into a contained place so it became easier to pay attention to my friend. I kept it under the table some of the time so it wasn't distracting to my friend.

#anxiety #fidget #nervousness #energy #overstimulation #fidgetcube #stress

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