• Sarah Rossmiller LPC

Everything is Online Now, Why Not Therapy?

Online Therapy, Telehealth, Distance Counseling, E-Therapy... The original idea of therapy - client laying on couch, therapist nodding and mmhmm-ing cryptically while scribbling mysterious notes on a pad of paper - has come quite a long way since it took it's initial roots in the late 1800's. We now have access to nearly any service you can think of with just the click of a button, a touch of the screen. Why should psychotherapy be left out? It shouldn't and it isn't. It's becoming more and more mainstream, which is an exciting time for us all, therapists and seekers of therapy alike.

There's many reasons I view this as such a positive thing (although I don't believe online therapy will ever fully replace in-person therapy which simply cannot be beat when it comes to full and true human connection). I'm fairly progressive and I like to keep up with the times in most regards, so online therapy appeals to me on that level. There are a few other reasons I'm for it that if you keep you reading I'll explain. Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging onto the edge of your seat? (I'm a Queen fan if you didn't catch that lyric reference, lol)

Some of us just have really busy, chaotic schedules. Therapy appointments just don't fit in. After all, it's not just the hour you take for the single session, it's the drive there and back while fighting through traffic! Writing-therapy can be done any time you're free. Phone or video sessions only require a phone and a private, quiet space of your choosing, wherever you may be. If you travel for work, are going to school out of town, have small children at home, or are limited in transportation/mobility, online therapy options may make the difference between getting the help you need and nothing at all.

Others have a really hard time building trust initially, have a lot of shame or embarrassment about certain topics needing to be addressed, or simply do best expressing thoughts and feelings in writing rather than in-person. Online therapy can offer the comfort of being in your own familiar space when you dig into the hard stuff. It can offer the security needed to dip that first toe into the pool of putting your trust in another person and becoming openly vulnerable. Of course one can always become overly reliant on these distancing strategies and simply use them to "hide" and avoid doing the "real" work, but as the saying goes, we have to crawl before we can walk. If having a computer screen between yourself and your therapist is the difference between getting help and continuing to live in shame and distress, I think the choice is clear. Get the help!

Just think - you could be enjoying a tasty treat like this one at the local café while, unbeknownst to everyone else, you're in the middle of having a therapy session. If you think online therapy options may be right for you, learn more about getting started by clicking on the latte :-)

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