• Sarah Rossmiller LPC

Liberate From Autopilot Mode!

What do you seek to rebel from? Where in your life would you like liberation?

Rebellious Living seeks to rebel against our default future -- the inevitable destination of our autopilot, our unconscious core-beliefs, and all the unhealed wounds and unmet needs we walking around pretending don't exist. We seek to rebel against a society that doesn't want to acknowledge that we are all wounded and that we all have needs. We seek to actually heal those wounds and get legitimate needs met in legitimate ways. Rebellious Living’s PERSONAL-GROWTH WORKSHOP is coming up fast --- Jan 13th!

Mark your calendars, refer your clients, tell your friends and family… Register online at

Rebellious Living 2.0 then follows – a 6-month Small Groups Coaching Program optional to those who want to continue the liberation process started in the workshop.

WHAT is Rebellious Living, you ask?? We are a community of human beings unfolding our true potential and power as individuals living with intention, becoming unshakable in our quest to not just live authentically in the world but change it.

We take a direct, practical, experiential approach, which provides the accountability and support needed to help resolve unhealed emotional wounds, meet long-neglected needs, and break free from senseless and/or harmful cultural and societal constructs.

Rebellious Living is NOT therapy but it’s very therapeutic! It works great solo or as an addition to already established therapy relationships. Check us out at

Key Objectives of Rebellious Living’s Workshop 101:

  • Create environment of encouragement, empowerment, and support

  • Provide new approaches to living more fully with intention and integrity

  • Explain how to cast vision in your life—to set a clear course toward a best possible version of yourself

  • Explore the things that get in the way of living into that vision

  • Assist you in identifying your personal “vows” that obstruct your path forward and the emotional wounds that contributed to the formation of these vows

  • Clarify the invisible force of anxiety and how to minimize its impact

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