Counseling Style... 

I believe being heard, understood, and validated are of the utmost importance in any therapy relationship. I’m passionate about connecting with individuals on an authentic level that allows for the trust and honesty needed to foster personal growth. My intuitive and interactive nature facilitates the therapy process. My style strikes a balance between gentle and direct; I aim to weave an empathetic, compassionate, and strengths-focused approach with real/straight-talk that challenges and provokes clients towards building insight and putting it into action.

Therapy doesn't have to be a drag, but it's also not magic. It takes commitment to make desired changes. However, letting your feelings out and sorting through your thoughts can greatly relieve the burden. At times you may experience discomfort, but this often means you're growing and learning. I can support you and serve as your guide as you work through the repairing and strengthening process that we call therapy. 


I take a broad, integrative approach to therapy, primarily with psychodynamic, experiential, and cognitive-behavioral leanings. I believe that both conscious and subconscious forces underpin the distress we encounter in our daily lives and relationships, and that our past experiences greatly impact our subconscious. Using tools such as cognitive restructuring, experiential techniques, behavioral pattern breaking, and the therapist-client alliance, therapy is tailored to your individual needs. Together we work to revise distressing feelings, memories, and patterns of thinking and coping that no longer serve you. ​By expanding your awareness and acceptance of yourself and the human condition, you align more and more with your authentic self. 

The Seeds that Planted my Passion...

The first time I saw a therapist I was reeling over a breakup in college. And while the loss of first love is nothing new, my experience with being seen and emotionally "held" by this therapist made all the difference. I eventually healed far more than just that initial heartache, as is the case for most who arrive in therapy: the problem that brings you in is rarely the actual problem. Later on I discovered yoga, and my sense of wholeness and healing was further expanded. Yoga combines a practice of conscious thought and physical presence that I found greatly advanced my ability to balance emotions and calm my mind and body.

The world can only grow and change as much we as individuals are willing to grow and change. I want others to feel seen, held, and healed so they might live a fuller, more authentic, and intentional life, so I am always seeking to learn and experience things that will help me meet those needs.

Through my private practice in Houston, TX, I have the privilege of helping people work through anxiety, depression, and experiences of abuse or trauma both within one-on-one psychotherapy and within yoga+therapy group, workshops, and restorative yoga sessions.

Education & Experience...

  •  Masters of Professional Counseling - Texas State University, 2010

  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Sociology - Stephen F. Austin State University, 2007

  • License in Professional Counseling (LPC #66932) since 2010

  • Opened private practice in 2016

  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2018

  • And more to come!

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself  just as I am, then I can change.”  
- Carl R. Rogers



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