Let's do yoga together!


Join me in a gentle and restorative yoga practice followed by guided meditation and/or body relaxation. Learn to take care of your body-mind connection and feed your spirit through the practice of yoga. There is no better time to begin or support an existing practice which contributes to emotional balance and good mental health. 

Shed your inhibitions about yoga by practicing in the comfort of your own home. Using Zoom video interface, you decide if you'd like to share your video or remain more anonymous while still being a part of a real-time practice with other human beings who share your commitment to personal growth and alignment.  The real benefits of yoga take time and continued practice. While one session can and does provide immediate benefit to many, no one single session will bring lasting emotional balance or physical fitness. We must continually seek connection within... this is why it's called a "practice"!

Sessions are free. Donations are accepted. 


Miss the last session or can't it make at the scheduled time? Want a preview of what you might experience before you commit to attending? Check out some clips or rent a full session below!



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