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  • Sarah Rossmiller LPC

Empathetic Inner Dialogue for Nurturing Your Inner Child

Discover the profound concept of the inner child and its role in emotional healing. Your inner child represents the vulnerable, authentic part of yourself shaped by past experiences. By speaking to your inner child with empathy and understanding, you validate your emotions and nurture self-compassion. Here are some phrases you might say:

1. "I see you, and I hear you. It's okay to feel sad/hurt/angry."

2. "You're not alone. I'm here for you, and we'll get through this together."

3. "It's understandable why you feel this way. Your feelings are valid."

4. "I'm sorry you had to experience that. You didn't deserve it."

5. "You're so strong for enduring what you did. I'm proud of you."

6. "You're worthy of love and care, even when it feels like nobody understands."

7. "I'm here to protect you and keep you safe."

8. "Let's take a moment to breathe and comfort ourselves."

9. "You have every right to express yourself. Your emotions matter."

10. "I love you just as you are, flaws and all."

Remember to speak to your inner child with kindness and gentleness, offering the comfort and support you needed during difficult times.

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