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Community Support Group Recommendations

Looking for additional support, a sense of community and understanding around your particular issue, or more information and resources? Check out these various FREE community support groups with meetings in the Houston area and online.

Mental Health
Community Support GROUPS

National Alliance on Mental Heath (NAMI)

NAMI provides supportive group options for individuals and families impacted by mental illness. From peer-led sessions to family support groups and online meetings, theirr programs offer a safe space for sharing experiences and coping strategies, fostering connection and understanding.

re:MIND - Depression & Bipolar Support

The re:Mind program offers a supportive space for individuals and families affected by mental illness. Through peer-led sessions and community support, participants can share experiences and coping strategies, promoting connection and well-being.

Community Support GROUPS

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) support groups provide a safe space for individuals struggling with compulsive sexual or romantic behaviors. Participants share experiences, gain support, and work towards recovery through a 12-step program, fostering a community dedicated to overcoming addiction and building healthier relationships. Meetings offer a confidential and non-judgmental environment to help individuals on their journey to healing and personal growth.

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous (ISA)

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous (ISA) provides a supportive community for individuals coping with the impact of infidelity. Through a program designed to help survivors heal and rebuild, ISA support groups offer a confidential space to share experiences, gain understanding, and navigate the emotional challenges of betrayal. Participants connect with others who have faced similar situations, fostering a community committed to recovery and empowerment after the trauma of infidelity.

Community Support GROUPS

Bo's Place

Bo's Place is a nonprofit organization offering grief support for individuals and families dealing with the loss of a loved one. Through a range of programs and support groups, Bo's Place provides a compassionate environment where participants can share experiences, receive guidance, and navigate the grieving process. These supportive gatherings aim to foster healing and resilience, creating a community dedicated to helping individuals cope with the emotional challenges of loss and find a path toward renewal.

Houston Hospice

Houston Hospice offers support groups for individuals and families dealing with end-of-life care and grief. To obtain the most current and accurate information about Houston Hospice support groups, I recommend checking their official website or contacting them directly through their provided contact information. They often provide details about available support services, including support groups, bereavement counseling, and resources for those navigating the challenges of hospice care and loss.

Community Support GROUPS

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is a mindfulness-based addiction recovery community that emphasizes Buddhist principles and meditation practices. Through meetings and peer-led support groups, Refuge Recovery provides a non-theistic approach to overcoming addiction. Participants explore mindfulness techniques, share their experiences, and support each other in the journey to recovery, focusing on the principles of compassion, forgiveness, and personal responsibility. Refuge Recovery aims to create a supportive community for those seeking a holistic and mindfulness-oriented path to healing from addiction.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a science-based addiction recovery support organization that offers tools and techniques for individuals seeking recovery from various addictive behaviors. Through SMART Recovery meetings and online forums, participants learn evidence-based strategies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to manage urges, cope with emotions, and build a balanced lifestyle. These support groups provide a non-judgmental and empowering environment where individuals can share their experiences and work toward lasting change. SMART Recovery emphasizes self-empowerment and a focus on practical skills to help individuals achieve and maintain recovery from addiction.

Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are global fellowships that provide support for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, respectively. Through regular meetings, participants engage in 12-step programs that encourage self-reflection, spiritual growth, and mutual support. These gatherings offer safe and confidential spaces where individuals can share their experiences, receive guidance from others in recovery, and work towards maintaining sobriety. AA and NA emphasize fellowship, personal accountability, and the belief in a higher power as key elements in the journey to recovery, creating supportive communities for those struggling with substance dependence.

Al-Anon - Support for Family/Friends of Addicts

Al-Anon is a global fellowship providing support for individuals dealing with the effects of a loved one's alcoholism. Through regular meetings, Al-Anon participants engage in a 12-step program designed to help them cope with the challenges of living with someone struggling with alcohol addiction. These gatherings offer a confidential and understanding environment where individuals can share experiences, gain insights, and find emotional support. Al-Anon emphasizes the principles of self-care, detachment with love, and personal recovery, creating a compassionate community for those affected by the alcoholism of someone close to them.

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