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Rebel against your inner-critic.
Nurture your vulnerability as a strength.
Empower your creative, resilient self. 

Individual Therapy Services for Adults


My focus
Houston Online Therapy Services

I offer individual therapy services for adults. My focus typically falls in the following areas:

  • Providing an accepting, pressure-free space so you can show up fully as yourself and process the everyday nuances of being a human.

  • Exploring and improving intense emotions related to anxiety, depression, & mood issues. 

  • Uncovering the origins of perfectionism, people-pleasing, & approval-seeking and applying healing strategies.

  • Processing past emotional wounds or childhood experiences in which core emotional needs were not consistently met (including trauma, abuse, & neglect).

  • Offering a progressive, safe space to explore spiritual trauma, LGBTQ issues, & alternative life paths. 

Personal Development

Personal Development

Therapy services for personal development may involve...

  • acceptance, connection , and validation.

  • a sounding board to help you develop insight and process complex emotions and conflicting thoughts.

  • support and accountability to get you through difficult life transitions.

  • tools to help you stay grounded and engaged in your life so you can be the architect of your own destiny.

  • strategies for building and strengthening relationships.

  • guidance towards getting your legit needs met in legit ways.

  • clarification for your current focus, direction, and future vision.

  • encouragement to build self-care disciplines around gratitude and mindfulness. 

  • empowerment through discovering your strengths and values.

Mood & Anxiety Issues

Mood &
Anxiety Issues

Depression and anxiety lie to us; they bind and gag our intuition so we cannot trust ourselves. Having a supportive, trusting therapy relationship can make all the difference. Let's defeat these enemies and get you centered with your true-self. 

Therapy services for mood and anxiety issues can help you...

  • express your feelings through healthy and creative outlets.

  • rebel from the constant worrying and pessimism.

  • maintain groundedness, even within moments of chaos.

  • create meaning from life's setbacks and disappoints.

  • embrace what makes you different.

  • communicate your needs and feelings more effectively. 

  • build protective yet flexible inter- and intra-personal boundaries.

  • connect with others and alleviate loneliness.
  • accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can.
  • improve your skill with perspective-taking and metacognition.

  • nurture your capacity for compassion and empathy.

  • discuss medication and develop a relationship with a psychiatrist, if needed.

Relational Trauma

Relational or Complex Trauma

Growing up in an environment where our fundamental emotional needs aren't consistently met can leave lasting scars, fostering self-doubt and hindering adult relationships. Experiences like frequent invalidation, harsh criticism, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and instability during childhood can deeply frustrate these core emotional needs.

Therapy services for trauma encompass various approaches aimed at:

  • Cultivating a trusting therapeutic relationship over time, where I can provide the validation, acceptance, boundaries, and relaxation needed for healing.

  • Uncovering the root causes of damaging relationship patterns.

  • Allowing space for grieving and finding peace with past experiences.

  • Increasing awareness of current mechanisms perpetuating childhood unmet needs into adulthood.

  • Challenging and revising limiting beliefs and unhelpful behavior patterns with balanced, truth-based alternatives.

  • Nurturing a healthy relationship with your vulnerable inner child.

  • Addressing dysfunctional levels of self-criticism and unattainable standards, both towards yourself and others.

  • Establishing personal boundaries and self-discipline to meet responsibilities and prioritize self-care needs effectively.

Perfect and Please

Pleasing, Producing, Performing, Perfecting...

Sounds exhausting, right? People-pleasing and approval-seeking can lead to resentment, disappointment, and passive-aggressiveness. The unrelenting standards and harsh demands of perfectionism are depleting and demoralizing over time. Burnout and avoidant procrastination are not uncommon consequences. An overly harsh inner critic may be self-inflicted and projected onto others. 

Therapy services for these issues can help you...

  • build self-awareness by exploring underlying causes, past experiences, and current triggers for perfectionism or people-pleasing issues.

  • confront and reframe irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that contribute to problematic tendencies. 

  • set healthy boundaries and communicate assertively, empowering you to say no when necessary, prioritize self-care, and express your needs and desires confidently without guilt. 

  • establish effective coping strategies, stress management tools, and mindfulness techniques. 

  • develop self-compassion and flexibility in order to embrace imperfections, allow room for human error, and reduce the need for external validation. 

  • explore and honor your individual interests, values, preferences, and desires as you reduce an other-oriented focus and self-neglect.

  • set realistic goals and foster a more balanced approach to life.

  • build resilience and long term change.

Houston Texas Therapy Counseling
“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself  just as I am, then I can change.”  
- Carl R. Rogers
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