Yoga is the journey of the self,

through the self,

to the self.

Yoga+Therapy is a personal-growth process group offering a holistic approach to healing and self-care, encouraging the integration of mind, body, and heart. What we create on the mat, we create in our life! 

This group incorporates yoga postures, mindful breathing, and meditation to improve mental and physical health. Scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of psychotherapy-informed yoga continues to grow. Studies show that practicing yoga elevates GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels in the brain, a neurotransmitter that is statistically low in people with anxiety and depression. Mindful breathing and movement helps activate the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system), which in turn lowers blood pressure; improves cortisol levels, sleep, & digestion; and overall calms and relaxes us, conserving our energy. The practice of being mindfully present within our body-mind teaches us to trust ourselves and find solace from within when everything around us feels overwhelming.

The benefits of group therapy are widely documented. Within a safe and compassionate space, group therapy teaches you about yourself. It provides support and a wider range of perspectives and information to apply to problematic situations in your life. It can propel you forward with the encouragement, accountability, acceptance, and sense of universality it provides. Group therapy promotes interpersonal skills, helping you gain comfort and confidence in developing authentic relationships. And you can't beat the cost - it's less than individual counseling, but can be just as (if not more) powerful. 

About half of the Yoga+Therapy group is  spent in guided mindful movement, breath, and relaxation. Yoga sequences include yin, vinyasa, or restorative based styles and always offer options for modification to best fit each members' needs. This is definitely a beginner-friendly group! Combining "effort and ease" on the mat is our objective, as this is a mindset we seek to cultivate in life off the mat as well.


The other half is spent processing amongst the group. Group members are invited to share what was brought up for them emotionally or physically during the yoga portion and/or discuss areas in their life and relationships that they are working on developing. Expression, support, connection, therapeutic feedback, and cooperative problem solving are a few of the key take-aways you can expect from this group. My priority as the group's facilitator is to provide a safe space for each participant to experience shared vulnerability, authenticity, and appreciation for the universality of the human condition. 


Yoga+Therapy is an ongoing, open group.
We meet every other Tuesday
from 7pm - 8:30pm.


$60 per session 

*An initial consultation is required if you are not an existing client.

Please contact me to discuss & schedule!


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Sarah Rossmiller, LPC & 200-hr Yoga Trained


Empowering language and self-talk are imperative skills for overcoming generations of subconsciously passed down faulty beliefs about ourselves and the world. Mindful attunement to our somatic experience is a necessary skill for healing emotional woundings, stress, and trauma stored within our musculature system. Yoga has allowed me to combine a practice of conscious thought and physical presence that advances both these sets of skills. 


The practice of yoga allows me to experience my body as something belonging to me, not something to be shamed or objectified by others. In yoga I ask myself to listen to my body, appreciate it, honor it. It isn’t about getting my body to do something “right” or “perfect” - it’s about whatever my body can do in the moment being what is right. It’s about noticing, not changing - acceptance, not forcing.

This work is done with the body, but it reaches beyond the physical and into each level of consciousness; naturally the physical messages of release, strength, balance, and flexibility positively impact my daily life beyond the yoga-mat, whether I am conscious of this or not! Within my yoga practice, even my breath, which is so often shallow from years of unconscious anxiety, is something simply to become more aware of - I don’t have to fix it. The beauty of this approach is that when we click into acceptance, change naturally follows.


I share yoga with my clients in the hopes that they too can have a similar experience - a physical practice of mindfulness and release that compliments all the other valuable work they are doing as they move through their life seeking meaning, growth, and healing. The world can only grow and change as much we ourselves as individuals are willing to grow and change.