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Rebel against your inner-critic.
Nurture your vulnerability as a strength.
Empower your creative, resilient self. 

Individual Therapy for Adults


My focus
Houston Therapy Personal Journey

My focus...​

  • Providing an accepting, pressure-free space so you can show up fully as yourself and process the everyday nuances of being a human.

  • Intense emotions related to anxiety, depression, & mood issues. 

  • Perfectionism, people-pleasing, & approval-seeking.

  • Past childhood experiences in which core emotional needs were not consistently met.

  • Offering a progressive, safe space to explore spiritual trauma, LGBTQ issues, & alternative life paths. 

Personal Development

Personal Development

Crossing bridge Houston Therapy

​I can provide...

  • acceptance, connection , and validation.

  • a sounding board to help you develop insight and process complex emotions and conflicting thoughts.

  • support and accountability to get you through difficult life transitions.

  • tools to help you stay grounded and engaged in your life so you can be the architect of your own destiny.

  • strategies for building and strengthening relationships.

  • guidance towards getting your legit needs met in legit ways.

  • clarification for your current focus, direction, and future vision.

  • encouragement to build spiritual-disciplines around gratitude and mindfulness. 

  • empowerment through discovering your strengths and values.

Mood & Anxiety Issues

Mood &
Anxiety Issues

Depression and anxiety lie to us; they bind and gag our intuition so we cannot trust ourselves. Having a supportive, trusting therapy relationship can make all the difference. I will help you defeat these enemies and center with your true-self. 

Houston Texas Therapy Counseling

In therapy, you can learn to...

  • express your feelings through healthy and creative outlets.

  • rebel from the constant worrying and pessimism.

  • maintain groundedness, even within moments of chaos.

  • create meaning from life's setbacks and disappoints.

  • embrace what makes you different.

  • communicate your needs and feelings more effectively. 

  • build protective yet flexible inter- and intra-personal boundaries.

  • connect with others and alleviate loneliness.
  • accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can.
  • improve your skill with perspective-taking and metacognition.

  • nurture your capacity for compassion and empathy.

  • discuss medication and develop a relationship with a psychiatrist, if needed.

Relational Trauma

Developing in an environment in which our core emotional needs are not appropriately or consistently met has a lasting impact, potentially contributing to painful self-doubt and difficult adult relationships. 

In therapy, we work together to lessen the negative impact of those needs going unmet by...

  • establishing, over time, a trusting relationship in which I can serve to meet some of those unmet needs by providing the validation, acceptance, boundaries, and relaxation necessary for healing.

  • uncovering the root cause of damaging relationship patterns.

  • grieving for and making peace with your past.

  • building awareness of the current mechanisms that perpetuate childhood unmet needs well into adulthood.

  • revising limited beliefs and unhelpful behavior patterns with truth-based, balanced alternatives.

  • developing a healthy relationship with your vulnerable inner child.

  • countering dysfunctional levels of criticism and unrelenting standards (towards yourself and others).

  • creating limits and self-disciplines that help you meet personal responsibilities and self-care needs.

Houston Texas Therapy Counseling

Relational Trauma

Perfect and Please

Pleasing, Producing, Performing, Perfecting...

Houston Texas Therapy Counseling

Sounds exhausting, right? People-pleasing and approval-seeking can lead to resentment, disappointment, and passive-aggressiveness. The unrelenting standards and harsh demands of perfectionism are depleting and demoralizing over time. Burnout and avoidant procrastination are not uncommon consequences. An overly harsh inner critic may be self-inflicted and projected onto others. 

Therapy can help you...

  • build self-awareness by exploring underlying causes, past experiences, and current triggers for perfectionism or people-pleasing issues.

  • confront and reframe irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that contribute to problematic tendencies. 

  • set healthy boundaries and communicate assertively, empowering you to say no when necessary, prioritize self-care, and express your needs and desires confidently without guilt. 

  • establish effective coping strategies, stress management tools, and mindfulness techniques. 

  • develop self-compassion and flexibility in order to embrace imperfections, allow room for human error, and reduce the need for external validation. 

  • explore and honor your individual interests, values, preferences, and desires as you reduce an other-oriented focus and self-neglect.

  • set realistic goals and foster a more balanced approach to life.

  • build resilience and long term change.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself  just as I am, then I can change.”  
- Carl R. Rogers
Rebellious Wellness Therapy
Rebellious Wellness Therapy
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