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In a world that encourages escapism and profits from our self-doubt, emotional resilience is an act of rebellion.

Online Therapy & Counseling for the Rebellious at Heart

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Look who's here! Sometimes, the most difficult part is simply showing up. It's fantastic to have you.

Welcome. I'm Sarah Rossmiller, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Houston providing online therapy to anyone living in Texas.

I specialize in helping my clients rebel from the tyranny of depression and anxiety, past relational trauma that continues to cause harm, and self-defeating patterns such as perfectionism, approval-seeking, & people-pleasing. As your insight and self-acceptance grows, so can new ways of being that bring greater peace.

Rebellion marks the beginning of change!
“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.
-Brene Brown
virtual online therapy houston texas


Therapy sessions are currently offered online through a secure video conferencing platform.

Just need a place to talk?

I can do that. 

Sometimes you just need someone to really listen, to bear witness, and to validate:  you exist, you are good enough, your life has meaning. Period.

Sometimes having a sacred space to explore and express grief, rage, or the joys of stability & balance is all you're looking for. Look no further. 


Therapy doesn't have to be goal-oriented and technically "productive" to be therapeutic

So what's going on?

Where do you most need support in your life right now? I work with a lot of concerns, such as...

Anxiety, depression, and mood issues

Grief and loss

Pet loss and animal advocacy

Childhood woundings: emotional deprivation, shame/criticism, abuse

Spiritual abuse & religious trauma

Caregiver support

Stress mgmt 




Child free by choice


Difficult relationships with your family of origin

Boundaries and communication


Attachment issues

Coping skills

Rebellious Wellness Therapy
Rebellious Wellness Therapy
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