In a world that encourages escapism and profits from our self-doubt, 

personal development is an act of rebellion.

Rebel from your autopilot mode, and heal old wounds. Align with your authentic-self and break free from the mental and emotional constraints that hold you back. It takes courage, determination, and intelligence to seek therapy - the mark of a true rebel. Rebellious Wellness Therapy stands for mental health, balance, and connection. Rebel against the darkness by seeking a compassionate connection to your truest, highest self.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I specialize in helping people work through anxiety, depression, and experiences of abuse or trauma. In addition to 1:1 in-person sessions, I also offer online therapy and group therapy options. And as yoga facilitator (200-hr certified), I also provide yoga and yoga-inspired services. 
As a "rebel" for the wellness cause, I've dedicated myself to helping others develop their healthiest, most authentic selves by confronting current stressors and overcoming past unfinished businessI work with adults on a range of circumstantial, emotional, and relational issues. Successful therapy results in improved management of cognitive, emotional, somatic, and interpersonal relationship patterns - benefits that persist over time.  Therapy builds resilience against stress, making life transitions smoother. Together, we can explore problems and come to understand them better, further define and clarify relationship dynamics, and find new ways of being that bring peace to your inner and outer worlds.
“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.
-Brene Brown

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