"I FEEL EVERYTHING. My mind is racing, my chest is tight, my stomach feels like it's coated in acid. Something always seems wrong. Anxiety lies, but it feels so real."

We all experience anxiety from time to time; that's just a part of the human condition. Our own natural fears and insecurities occasionally shake our inner peace. The anxieties or "drama" of others can move like a vibration and slowly creep in without us noticing it for what it is - useless patterns of worry and fear. But then we recalibrate, recenter, and equilibrium returns.


But for some, anxiety feels like it's taking over - there's no end to the vibration. It may be damaging your relationships, your job, your body, and your self-esteem. If you don't reach out for help and make a change, it will continue to control you. Thankfully, even intense or chronic anxiety can be harnessed and directed in a positive, rather than damaging, way. 

Anxiety comes in many forms and can be triggered by many different situations and events. Whether you experience anxiety as "normal", a paralyzing fear, an "existential anxiety" or just a minor annoyance you've learned to live with (like a broken leg that healed wrong and left you with a limp), you don't have to live with this way.

Though it certainly doesn't look the same on everyone, here's a list of some fairly common signs and symptoms of anxiety: 

Fortunately, there are many forms of treatment for anxiety, and research has shown that ongoing therapy can lead to recovery and relapse prevention. Through therapy, you can learn to:

  • Release constant worrying

  • Let go of the things you cannot control

  • Feel more confident and at ease

  • Maintain a sense of inner peace during moments of chaos

  • Slow down and be present in the moment

  • Find meaning in life's setbacks and disappoints

  • Embrace what makes you different and live more authentically

  • Feel secure in your intimate relationships

  • Communicate your needs and feelings assertively and effectively

  • Release the constraints of self-consciousness 

Having a supportive, trusting therapy relationship can make all the difference. Rebel from the grip of anxiety, and reach out now to schedule an appointment!

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