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  • Sarah Rossmiller LPC

Embrace the Magic Within: A Soulful New Year's Ritual for Authentic Beginnings

As the calendar turns the page to a new

year, it's the perfect time to engage in a powerful ritual that transcends the ordinary resolutions. In this post, we'll explore my New Year's list-making ritual that involves reflecting on the past, releasing what no longer serves you, and casting a vision for the transformative journey that lies ahead in 2024. These 3 lists are more than just words on paper—they are potent instruments for summoning the life you desire and appreciating the life you have lived thus far.


Reflect: Harvesting the Essence of 2023

The first step in this magical ritual is reflection. Take a moment to create a list of experiences that left their mark on your soul throughout the past year. Whether it's gratitude, joy, growth, or challenges, these moments are the ingredients for your potent incantations.

Optional Sample Prompts:

- Who was your favorite person you met or spent time with?

- What was your proudest moment?

- How did you grow and change the most?

Release: Liberating Yourself from the Past

The next step is the art of release. Craft a list of things you wish to let go of—behaviors, habits, thoughts, or beliefs that no longer serve your highest self. Once complete, burn or tear up this list, marking a powerful symbolic gesture of liberation.

Optional Sample Prompts:

- Is there a relationship you want to end or limit?

- What thought or self-talk phrase isn't helpful to you?

- What behaviors/habits do you wish to move past?

Remember, this is a symbolic act that sets the tone for your journey forward; it doesn't guarantee you will never encounter these things in your life again. Acknowledge and have compassion for the fact that change is a process, often involving setbacks, and requires ongoing intention and vision.

Vision-Cast: Crafting the Blueprint for 2024

Now, let's embark on the enchanting process of vision-casting. Create a vision for the new year, outlining the values you want to embody, experiences you desire, and accomplishments you hope to achieve. This isn't just about setting goals; it's about creating a vivid tapestry that will guide your journey.

Optional Sample Prompts:

- What are your top 3 priorities for the coming year?

- How will you care for yourself and others?

- What adventures do you hope to have?

Consider four areas of wellness/life categories—Work, Play, Love, and Health—or explore the three broader categories with optional subcategories: Experiences you wish to have, Growth you hope to gain, and Contributions you want to make.


As you engage in this New Year's ritual of reflection, release, and vision-casting, remember that you are not just setting goals; you are crafting spells that will shape your destiny. May the coming year be filled with growth, joy, and the manifestation of your most magical dreams. Happy New Year!


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